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10 Reasons To Choose Daluja


The Safety of your Family and Property

Minimize accidents: With 30 years of combined experience, Daluja Property Services contractors are schooled in worksite safety for occupants and workers. We adhere to OSHA workplace safety requirements, and never cut corners on maintaining a safe, clean environment.

Personal security: Every single Daluja Property Services contractor has passed a background check. Your family, tenants, and colleagues are secure when Daluja Property Services personnel are working onsite, as are the contents of any area we work in.


We Will Always Take Your Call

One of the biggest contractor complaints is difficulty getting hold of your contractor – especially when something goes wrong. While there is nothing wrong with a solo operator working out of his pickup and armed with a cell phone, Daluja Property Services has a dedicated office professional to answer your phone calls and emails.


We Will Always Show Up

The truth is that there are many variables in contracting and property service work, such as material delays, weather, etc. Even the most reliable contractor has regular difficulty showing up at an agreed time. We can’t make the variability and surprises magically go away, but we can provide realistic schedules, and keep you informed of unavoidable adjustments. Using specialized scheduling software, we always have a clear view of our overall work schedule. When circumstances force a change in plans, we will call to let you know and reschedule at your convenience.


Quality workmanship

Our professional contractors take great pride in their work, which is the main reason for our high percentage of repeat customers. In using the best materials and workmanship practices, we strive to get the job done right the first time, so that it will last. We guarantee it with a one-year warranty on our workmanship.


Excellent value

When receiving estimates from multiple contractors, it's likely that you will see a wide variation in pricing. For the estimates at the low end, ask yourself, what isn’t included? Are the materials specified of good quality? Is the project scope described in detail to your satisfaction? Is the contractor fully licensed, and insured? Are the contractors true professionals earning a living wage?


The old adage “You Get What You Pay For” is truer in condtruction/property services more than any place, and on countless occasions, Daluja Property Services has been called in to finish or fix a “cheaper” contractor’s work – with the client ending up paying close to double the original estimate.


Some ways that we ensure that you are getting a good value at the best price: 

  • We do quality work that lasts. We don't penny pinch now at the expense of being pound-foolish over the long term.  

  • Since we are a one stop shop for most of your needs, we can create packages which offer you significant savings. You no longer have to hire multiple specialist contractors.

  • Our one-year warranty means that we'll fix any workmanship issues for you, free of charge. We recognize that even the best service technicians will make occasional mistakes.                                        

  • We are licensed and maintain full insurance coverage. You are financially protected in case something goes wrong.


Flexible with unique requests

We do our best to accommodate your needs. Give us a call to discuss whether to engage us as hourly skilled labor, or on a fixed-price basis, how we meet the unique needs of both our residential & commercial clients, and anything else you would like a specific answer for.


We can be your one-stop shop

Our long-term success is based on our repeat and referral business. We strive to be your go-to contractor for all residential and commercial service, maintenance, repair, improvement, and quick-fix needs. Daluja Property Services is a “family” of service technicians and contractors with a deep and wide variety of complementary experience. Call us with any question about your property. In the rare instance that we think a specialist would do a better job, we’ll happily refer one of our trusted associates.


We take responsibility for liability

Daluja Property Services maintains full current insurance coverage for your protection. Liability insurance is expensive, but we are committed to make sure that even when something goes wrong, we can do the right thing. If you hire an unlicensed contractor, you are legally considered the employer and could be held liable if something goes wrong on your property/project while working for you. If you do ever hire an unlicensed worker, be sure your homeowner’s insurance will covers not only potential damage that could be done by the worker, but also a worker's compensation rider.


One-year warranty

Our one-year warranty covers protection on anything workmanship-related, as well as any faults in materials provided exclusively by Daluja Property Services. Certain restrictions may apply. For further details and more in depth coverage, please call.


Local and family owned

We take pride in being a Massachusetts family-owned business. You can expect personal, friendly, and familiar service. The owner of Daluja Property Services will even provide you with his personal cell phone number, so that you can call him directly for any issues related to your project.

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